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A little dampness

The sleep pod in happier times

A caravan update – I am currently sleeping in a caravan until I start a new job in the Spring. I’ve been here since I left my last job in September. While checking the bed the other day, I realised the mattress topper was soaked and mouldy where it pushed up against the outer wall. Urgh.

The bed is a caravan bed, so a selection of seat cushions laid on some boards across two facing seats. On top of this I put a mattress topper, but it’s a bit bigger than the odd size of the bed, so it pushes up against the wall. I knew the base of the cushions got soaked, as did the wooden bed base, so tried to get air to them as much as possible.

Luckily the mattress topper has a washable cover, so that got a hot wash. I stripped down the bed, stood all four cushions up to dry them out, washed down the walls with a biocide where they had gone mouldy, and left everything to dry out (the wooden base and slats were drenched too)

So that was all left to dry with windows open for two days, then I rearranged the cushions so there’s a decent gap between them and wall, and carefully laid the mattress topper on top so it doesn’t touch the wall. Hopefully that will be enough.

Now – the other exciting thing I bought was a DIY solar extractor fan kit. I need to work out how to install this so it sucks out damp air, I figured placing the fan under the bed? The quarry the van sits in is south-facing and a nice suntrap, so it should work on days when it’s not too overcast. I liked the idea of something runs even when I’m not there. Sadly this is still Scotland, so remains to be seen if it actually works.

Love Music Community Choir

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing my good friend Celia sing in the Love Music Community Choir at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall. The Choir is aimed at getting anyone of any ability up and enjoying singing, and they were marvellous! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a large choir sing, and it was a fantastic experience, a range of songs based on the music and artists that have played at the Usher Hall lately, so an eclectic mix, with songs from Joy Division, Scottish Folk Songs, and Mozart’s Lacrimosa. Challenging songs, but done wonderfully and with great love.