Monthly Archives: March 2014


I normally avoid flying – I just don’t like it very much. However I had a job interview in Ireland, and the best way to get there was to fly straight from Edinburgh, which has one flight there and back daily.

I didn’t know it but Cork Airport is renowned for it’s fog – sure enough, the flight was delayed by over an hour, and as my interview was first thing in the morning, I wondered if I might be better off not getting the flight and phoning in for the interview (as had been originally planned) so I went off to ask ground staff at the gate.

The nice young man explained that with fog at Cork, it was likely we’d get diverted to Dublin and put on a coach to Cork Airport, meaning that I wouldn’t get to my hotel until the early hours. As I don’t fly very often, I asked what would happen if I didn’t get the flight – do I just walk back through security? He explained he was new, phoned someone else to double check, and said yes, just go back through security.

So I told him I’d try waiting another 45 minutes and see what would happen; I wouldn’t get a refund for this flight so when eventually the plane turned up, I went to the gate, even though I’d much rather go home and phone in to the interview. I wasn’t going to get to Cork until 2am, and then have to do a job interview when not at my best, but I couldn’t afford to lose the cost of the ticket.

But then my boarding pass was declined! The nice ladies at the gate put me to one side. Funnily enough the man standing in front of me had the exact same seat number – he was very pleased to be waved through. Once to flight was ready to depart, I said I’d be happy if I just got a full refund and didn’t take the flight. The women at the gate were very apologetic, as it turned out that when I had made an enquiry with the new guy at the desk, he’d somehow managed to book me off the flight. Genius.

They couldn’t really understand why I wasn’t kicking off, but I’d been sat at Edinburgh airport for 6 hours and just wanted to go home and sleep. Eh, mistakes happen, I’m sure I’d fuck up exactly the same on my first day working at an airport. It did take a bit of effort to get some names and telephone numbers from the boarding gate in case there’s a problem.