Damp Day 2

I hadn’t heard back from the forums, so I still wasn’t sure what my best plan of action was. Floor first? Walls? I decided to concentrate on peeling back as much wallpaper as I could to find out the full extent of the damp patch.

Firstly, though, I went around the exterior and taped up every single possible water ingress I could find. Then back inside, I worked away at the big damp patch.

There was an odd square bit cut out, as if someone had cut away a square to remove it and have a look, then put it back. What did it mean? Had the previous owner done some damp fixing already?

I excavated away and found a batten, which was OK in the middle but rotten at either end. The damp on the floor seemed to extend to into the bathroom.

I’ve been wanting to take out the bathroom since I got the van; I don’t use it (No water or chem toilet disposal, also, I hate chemical toilets) and I hate the smell of chemical toilets. I once spent a hot summer working on a tiny island, with about 30 visitors a day, where one main job was emptying the chemical toilet buckets twice a day.

(One awful morning, as I carried a bucket up a hill to the six foot deep latrine pit we’d spent two weeks digging, I felt a tickling in my ear, and having a scratch with my finger, I dislodged a large spider. At that moment I got over my arachnophobia.)

I had a load of my stuff stored in the caravan bathroom. I moved all that into the house (temporarily – a week max, I think, then I need to find somewhere for it) and as I wasn’t sure where to start with the damp room, I thought I could start taking out the bathroom.

Thetford’s finest C402 casette toilet. Easy to remove, according to the internets, as it’s only held in by four screws, but I still spent ages staring into the exterior door underneath it trying to find a couple of screws that were in a really obvious place.

I removed the waste tank (you can just see it where I stowed it under the van to the right of the plastic thing). Sadly my screwdriver was too big for the gap, and I couldn’t get the screws out. I want an early start tomorrow, with the aim of finding a smaller screwdriver and removing the bathroom.

It was getting dark, then it started raining. Tomorrow I will utterly remove the bathroom, and hopefully by then someone on the forums will point me at where I should be starting with the rest!

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