Day 3: Bathroom

So with some of the damp looking like it was coming in from a leak through the seal on the toilet waste hatch, I decided to spend today dismantling the bathroom. This is something I meant to do right at the start, but never did, and I wish I had as I would then have spotted the damp months ago. Oh well!

Simply, the toilet is a single unit. The seat sits above a waste tank, which can be removed through a hatch in the side of the caravan. When you take the waste tank out, there’s four screws that can be undone, and the whole unit lifted out of the inside of the bathroom.

But there were only two screws. I assume that if factory fitted, they’d have put in four screws? There was also a random screw in the side of the unit. Has someone taken this apart before? Anyway, to lift the toilet unit out I’d have to take apart the rest of the bathroom, which is a horrible one-piece unit with tiny sink plugs.

It was fairly simple unscrewing various screws, easier once I’d found a torch. The top unit out:

the bottom unit, however, had water pipes that were really difficult to remove, so I ended up just cutting through them with a junior hacksaw.

oh hey look! there’s still water in the system, as it sprayed out under pressure. Once that had drained, I sawed through it with fury, unscrewed a ventilation pipe, and then looked at the waste pipe once before deciding to saw through that too. The whole lot lifted out –


That out of the way, I could easily lift the stinky chemical toilet unit out and dump it in the garden. Very, very satisfying.

ha! ha! ha! Victory is mine!Not convinced I can sell the toilet unit on ebay for £150; it is about 20 years old and I don’t even know if it works or not. Plus, the last owner has kindly left me a half-full waste tank. This might just go straight in the tip (or convert it to a composting toilet?).

So let’s look at what’s left behind –

Yep, obvious nasty damp ingress from the toilet waste hatch. I really, really, really wish I’d taken out the bathroom when I first moved in. I wouldn’t have had the nasty chemical toilet smell, I’d have had more space, I would have realised there was a damp problem. OH WELL.

I’m borrowing a dehumidifier on Wednesday, and by then the sealant should have arrived. I plan to seal up everything, leave the dehumidifier for a few days, and use that time working out exactly how to replace the rotten floor, wall panels and battens.


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