Drying out

Yesterday I picked up a dehumidifier, I was looking at 500ml ones for £30 – £40, then realised Argos do an own brand budget 10l dehumidifier for £100. I figured if I keep the box and instructions, I could sell it on when this is all finished and get most of that back.

So! Because it never stops raining in Scotland, This morning (to the amusement of the cat) I did this:

And started tearing out more panelling, trying to work out how best to do it. If I saw out all the sodden panelling, I can just replace it then seal up the outside, the theory goes. There was a wonderful moment when I uncovered the solitary source of dampness in one corner: A screw, corroded away to nothing. That bastard.

There it is! I’d removed the bottom rotten panel on the right hand side (the rear of the van).

Next, I will try sawing cleanly away the rest of the rotten panelling, hopefully without losing any digits/limbs.

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