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I started to try and scrape off the last bits of rotten wood which were glued to the polystyrene insulation, using a handy attachment on the multitool. I had been stuck for a few days trying to work out how to do this, until I remembered there was a load of attachments I hadn’t looked at, and sure enough, one was perfect for the job.

Very satisfying. With that done, I can now replace the battens where they are rotten, and glue some plywood over the top.

So I cut out the centre batten you can see there, and…

It’s letting in light! It looks like the aluminium shell has started to degrade away, and the force of something I’ve done while removing the wood has left holes in the skin. Bah! I duct-taped them up on the outside while I look up how to solve it. I’m glad I put a tarp over this whole half of the caravan, but I’m worried the entire thing needs resealing.

So for the first attempt at sealing, I decided to start resealing the toilet hatch. It’s a small job and if I mess it up, easy to fix, and a practice for when I start the big resealing jobs.

Old sealant

Unscrew hatch, remove old mastic sealant with white spirit, let it all dry, clean with turps, let it dry, reseal and reapply. I’m toying with turning this into a cat flap at some point, but that’s not a priority. Except maybe for the cat.

Cleaned of sealant

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