Having stripped back the inside, I resealed the toilet hatch door and stuck it back on. Easy enough, I went to take off one of the outside rails so I could clean and reseal it . The rail is held in place by screws, which in turn are covered with a rubber strip to seal them. This rubber strip has perished, and simply snapped off in small lengths. Not good. Underneath, all of the screws across the full length of the van are rusted beyond recognition – this suggests that water ingress is an issue across the van.

Meanwhile, I checked again and found that pretty much every rail and seal on the van is f*cked. Small holes have been appearing in the shell of the caravan, which I swear weren’t there before, and a quick internet search reveals that these are again caused by damp. I had already spotted last month a few other patches of damp, but now I strongly suspect the entire bloody thing is leaky and rotting away.

I wonder if the previous owner has had it under cover most of the time, therefore not noticed much water ingress/damp, and now with it having been outside since September the water has gotten right inside and rotted everything. Not really sure how to proceed other than giving up…

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