I was a bit disheartened the other day, but went on and decided that if I can sort out the inside and seal up the outside as best I can, when it gets sunny I can work at properly sealing the outside. To do this, the rails need to be taken off, cleaned and refixed, but the screws holding them in place have long since rusted to nothing.

Rusted screws along all of the rails which seal together the bodywork

Small holes like these across the body, where damp inside the caravan has caused the aluminium shell to degrade away. You can see why I got a bit down, these holes are all over the place which suggests there’s damp across the interior.

So I sealed the toilet hatch with sealant and clamped it back on. It also screws in place, but the screws don’t actually go into anything solid, just the polystyrene insulation, which is a bit crap:

That was the other day – yesterday was spent in B&Q where a nice young man cut up some plywood for me. Today I stripped out and glued in some new battens:

You can also see I have the new, darker, insulation ready to go in. Hopefully tomorrow the glue will have dried and I can fix the insulation and plywood to complete the inside corner!

The outside of the van – my caulking gun broke (I say mine, I found it in the garage) so I am waiting on a replacement and in the meantime I’ve sealed everything up with industrial strength duct tape.

In other news, we were second last in the pub quiz last night.

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