Gull eggs

I checked over the main gullery the other day, as most of our smaller gullery has mysteriously lost their eggs. Plenty in the main gullery, thankfully, plus a few odd eggs.

Blue eggs

And a tiny third egg, that won’t be viable.

This egg has been damaged, possibly by one of a crowd of rooks that were foraging about in the gullery. The young inside is far too young and won’t survive, but it was still alive when I found it.

This egg has been predated – a bird has poked its bill straight through. Rooks, Heron and other gulls will predate gull eggs

Also, it was my day off today so I went to the Farne Islands in Northumberland to look at seabirds, because I clearly don’t do enough of that.

It was really wonderful, I miss cliff-nesting seabirds!

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