I had the moth trap out last night on the edge of the salt marsh – well in the back garden, which is right next to the marsh – and got a lot of lovely moths.

We have a simple heath trap, which is a UV lamp over a box, with a funnel entrance (to trap any moths that fall in) and lots of bits of egg box so the moths have somewhere to snuggle in safely overnight.

So here are some of the moths I found in the trap this morning. First up, a lovely brimstone:

Two White ermine (the fluffy dotty ones), a Silver ground carpet (the striped one) and an older, worn moth I couldn’t quite identify:

A Buff ermine:

To contrast – a very handsome White ermine:

A Heart And Dart, the dart being the two black, pointed shapes on the wing:

And this, with the stripe, is a lovely July belle:

Mothing is brilliant! Tomorrow hopefully I can put the trap out 2 miles from here, right on the edge of the saltmarsh, and see if we get anything very different.

I’m just getting into it, but I really recommend it as a hobby! Find out more at the Butterfly Conservation’s Moth Count.

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