Gelt Quarry

It was a pleasant sunny evening last week, so I went for a little walk in Gelt Woods, where there was a Roman Quarry for stone to repair nearby Hadrian’s Wall in about 200ad.

The woods themselves were very peaceful, a nice dene with the River Gelt running through it.

The quarry too was impressive, with pick marks clearly visible

and the sandstone glowing a lovely colour in the evening sun:

As for the alleged Roman Inscription.. I climbed some slimey old steps up the river bank and scrambled along a partially collapsed path. There was a rock face that must contain the inscription, as it had a fair bit of Victorian Grafitti too, but I couldn’t make anything out. Reading online, I think I was looking too low – it’s apparently “7 or 8 feet above the path”, but this article from the Cumberland News ends suggesting they weren’t visible in 1962 which is a shame. I’ve had a look online and can’t find a single photograph of the inscriptions, although plenty of pictures of the quarry itself; if they were visible I’d have thought there’d be a picture of them online somewhere.

In moth news – I put the trap out back home in Fife on Thursday night and got my first Hawkmoth! A poplar hawkmoth, lovely.

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