Ringing Sand Martins

We went out last night to ring sand martins, using a mist net, a fine net strung across the sand martin sandbanks. They fly into it, we carefully remove them and ring them.

It was a bit nerve-racking trying to remove the first ones without hurting them, but soon got the hang of it with expert guidance from Mike, and it was a real delight and privilege to see these lovely little birds up close.

Elsewhere, today in the hot sunshine I found a few tern nests, including this one with chicks! Tern nests are hard to find, and in recent years we only have a few pairs (compared to a peak of 240 pairs in the mid-70s), so its wonderful to see these. However, even when numbers were higher, earlier reports estimate very low numbers of chicks fledging.

Oh and have a moth, a Beautiful Golden Y and a White Ermine:

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