Butterflies and moths and spreadsheets

Back home after a month on St Kilda, I have already had the moth trap out twice and today the lawn was alive with butterflies while I mowed it (but leaving about half of it unmown for nature, not because we have about half an acre and oh my god it’s 30C out here).

Dark green fritillery
Dark Green Fritillary


And a few from the moth trap..

Moth bros
Golden-Y and a Map-winged Swift

Poplar Hawk Moth
Poplar Hawk Moth

I also wanted to start keeping a good record of things sightings, so I had a search online for hints on setting up a good and useful spreadsheet. I’ve heard of MapMate before, a biological recording software. I didn’t think I’d need that just yet, but it would be good to arrange data in a way that would be easily imported into it. Happily, the MapMate Beginner’s Excel tips has a layout. Spreadsheets! so exciting!

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