A bit of work, a bit of food

Today I took a train trip (DMU class 158, train fans) to a nearby town to pick up some hardware to re-hang the garden gate. Excitingly, the conductor’s ticket machine wasn’t working so I got a free trip, and spent the saved money on a really greasy bacon sandwich from outside B&Q.

As well as screws, T-hinges and a £2.50 packet of cress seeds, I also popped into Aldi and ASDA to pick up ingredients to make meals according to a really brilliant recipe website I’ve found, The Skint Foodie. My friend, who I got the link from, described a read through the site as “like punching Jamie Oliver in the face”. It’s just brilliantly written, accessible, entertaining and affordable food – absolutely perfect for my level of cookery, where I’m just really starting to understand how everything all works together.

Back to the exciting gate (I took a bus home, saving even more money) – the current gate is half-rotten, lying to one side and attached to the gate post by a single, rusty screw. We need the gate so the over-friendly dogs don’t get out to say hello to the postman, who currently delivers our post by tying it to a brick and throwing it over the fence.


I’ve never hung a gate before. It was very easy and satisfying. Next job is some painting, I don’t think that’s going to be as satisfying.


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