Got a record number of moths in the 150W moth hotel last night – 75 moths of 14 species, mostly Lesser broad-bordered yellow underwings, of which there were 34:

New to the garden was a lovely little Antler Moth:

Also nice to see was this Plain Golden-Y

July High Flyer

Snout Moth

and a small selection here

I’m trying out different locations around the garden each time, last night was next to an overgrown rockery with a big patch of yellow flowers, clearly the Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings like them! I’m going to try under the apple trees next time.

Full list 12/8/15:
 Common or Lesser Common Rustic 1
 Mottled Beauty 1
 Dark Arches 6
 Plain Golden-Y 1
 Antler Moth 1
 Burnished Brass 1
 July High-flyer 3
 The Snout 1
 Riband Wave 1
 Large Yellow Underwing 17
 Lesser Yellow Underwing 6
 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 34
 Brimstone Moth 1
 Swallow-tailed Moth 1

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