MouseCam: The sniffening

I had a quick look at the cam that’s looking at the mousecam. I put this one so I can check it from a distance to see if anything has been near the Bucket Trap that houses Mousecam, without leaving human-scent all over the BucketTrap


ha! Typical!

So a dark tabby cat comes at about 7pm last night and finds two things behind the camera trap, and quickly carries them off. I’m sure there was nothing there when I put the trap out, and they don’t look like rodents:

What on earth..? I baited the trap by putting lumps of peanut butter on the inside, but the cat appears to have found something solid. How utterly weird! The cat then sniffs about, presumably licking off the peanut butter from where I had put some around the trap’s entrances

It comes back again at half nine, and again at around midnight – and there’s nothing else on the camera! I think this is probably a feral or farm cat. Cheeky thing, guess I needn’t have worried about leaving human-scent all over the bucket!

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