Deep Space 9: S1E03, Past Prologue

Episode 3: Past Prologue

The episode opens with Garak hitting on Bashir. Interestingly, the actor who plays Garak says he originally played him as “omnisexual” until everyone kicked up a fuss, and he had to play him more straight.

My screengrabs all look a bit out of proportion, don’t they? sorry

So, Kira’s ex-boyfriend shows up (“We fought together in the underground”). He’s a terrorist/freedom fighter.. or is he? Has he changed to the new, post the equivalent of the Bajoran Good Friday Agreement? The Cardassians, who enjoy torture, (There.. Are.. Four.. Lights!) want him to pay for some unspecified crimes.
So does Siskko turn him over to the Cardassians? Kira shouts at him a bit, and O’Brien makes a remark worthy of any battle-weary soldier. “You’ve never fought the Cardassians, have you, sir?” Straight out of a Sharpe novel, except for the bit about Cardassians.

“How long since you’ve slept in a comfortable bed?” Kira asks the terrorist/freedom fighter, as they look at the world’s least comfortable bed.

Meanwhile, back over at Lassiters The Promenade, the arrival of those Klingon boob windows can only mean one thing – it’s the Duras Sisters!

Odo briefly pines for the fjords authoritarian Cardassian law where he could incarcerate people for whatever reason he liked, or hand them over to be brutally tortured without any pretence of a trial. He’d make a great Starfleet Officer. But what are the Duras Sisters up to? And what about the Bajoran Freedom Fighter/Terrorist? I can’t wait to see what slightly rubbish inanimate object Odo shapeshifts into in order to find out. (he turns into a rat! that’s not rubbish enough.)

Bashir and Garak have a second date; there follows intrigue and double-crossing I can’t be bothered going into, but Odo and Kira have a genuinely touching heart-to-heart as she struggles to work out what the correct thing to do is. At one point, Odo says something like he “struggles with pretext, it’s as difficult as one of your noses” pointing to the fact that Bajoran noses are fiddly for a shape-shifter to imitate. YET I THINK A RAT’S PAW IS PRETTY DAMN FIDDLY BUT HE HAD NO PROBLEM WITH THAT EARLIER. Just saying.

My problem now with 90s Star Trek is that whenever I see someone using a PADD, I just assume they’re on twitter. “@odo444 lol #stroppybajorans”

Some mildly entertaining stuff happens; Kira ends up in a fist fight with the terrorist/freedom fighter on a runabout in the Wormhole (obviously). In the end, Sisko saves the day and they all live happily ever after. To be fair – after years of re-watching TNG I’m really impressed with Kira character, very well rounded (so far?) naivety with being a strong, shouty woman.

I can’t even remember what she’s shouting at him about.

Only two episodes in and we’ve nearly forgiven them for the Sub Rosa TNG episode (Or THAT scene, which I found by searching “troi crusher terrible yoga” and got as the top result. You know the one I mean.)

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  1. It was originally supposed to be Ensign Ro on DS9 but Michelle Forbes wanted to pursue a film career, so they invented Kira. I had some issues with her when I watched the series originally, but Kira gets some great material. The actress is also absolutely lovely in person too, apparently.

    Oh and as well as guest appearing in the 4th series of Torchwood, she was the new Mrs Voorhees in the Friday 13th remake and gets decapitated. Hurray!

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