Navigational Buoy

Today we spotted a Navigational Buoy washed up on one of our beaches, a cardinal direction buoy that tells ships which side to pass as they approach a large port.

What do you do with a 6 tonne navigational buoy? I phoned Trinity House, who are responsible for all the lighthouses and navigational aids in British Waters, and informed them it was there.
“Yes that one is reported thanks” and hung up.

Are you going to come and get it then? I wrote an email, politely informing Trinity House that the buoy lay within the nature reserve, and more importantly, well within a SSSI.

Unsurprisingly this got me a callback straight away from a very polite man who insisted the gps reading the buoy was reporting was not within the SSSI, but we soon cleared that up (it is within the SSSI).

Buoys are removed by either digging a channel and towing them back out to sea, or by heavy lifting machinery landward (nautical term, it means “on the land”), both of which will damage the ground and therefore need special permission from Natural England to take place in a SSSI.

I’m quite excited to see what sort of kit they use to drag it back out to sea!

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