Gull Chick Day 9

Gullward is still going strong! I’ve been weighing him a couple of times a day, and this graph shows just how much he’s growing.

I’m feeding him on cheap tinned fish, and scrambled egg, but he seems oddly picky – making begging calls but not wanting to eat anything. Now he’s up to 225g he is being particularly noisy, but again, despite lots of stinky food, he isn’t interested. When he does eat, he’s much more keen to eat it out of my hand than off the floor.

Gullward a few days ago

Speaking of stinky.. very stinky! he craps a LOT. He’s also going to be big enough to get out of this crate soon; once his juvenile (the non-fluffy) feathers come through and he is waterproof, he might go and live outside, we don’t have any foxes about at the minute and he might be a bit happier than stuck in a box.

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Gullward today

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