Deep Space 9, S1E04: A Man Alone

Yes another one. There’s 7 series with 26 episodes each, apart from the first series, which has 20, and yes, I am going to watch them all then tell you about it. You love it really. So – a quick summary today of episode 4 – A Man Alone.

Keiko decides to open a school because there’s nothing to do on DS9, even though Miles has suggested getting her onto a runabout so she can explore the plant life of the Gamma Quadrant, on the other side of the wormhole. A unique opportunity for any Alpha-quadrant scientist! But Keiko doesn’t want to do this. I’m sorry, what botanical scientist wouldn’t give their right arm to fly to the other side of the galaxy and investigate new plant life? She’s a rubbish botanist.

oh that sounds rubbish. What sort of botanical scientist would want to explore? Get a grip, Miles.

So she decides to open a school instead, which leads to a whole other load of questions. Is education not compulsory in the Federation? How do children learn stuffs? Are they born with in-built knowledge? Have we found a better way of educating them than school? If so, what is the point of school now?

Oh, and there’s another plot where Odo gets framed for murder. And Bashir tries to chat up Dax again. Awww, bless him.

So the school opens, and O’Brien gets Keiko a gift. “Just a little something I replicated on the way over!” Oh  Miles, you romantic. Why Keiko said she was sick of living with you on DS9 we’ll never know.


Back to the main boring murder framing whodunnit plot. An angry Bajoran mob are throwing a massive strop outside Odo’s door, blaming him for the murder, but just in the nick of time Dax and Bashir have Teched some Science and worked out that – SPOILERS

Shouty Bajoran Mob Strop

Only joking. This episode was first shown twenty years ago, so you need to calm down about spoilers. The murder victim was a clone, as worked out by Bashir getting to grow a clone in a jar as proof. No-one is too concerned about the ethics of this – except for Odo, briefly,  who is told the clone will be able to “start a new life”. And that’s it. What about the clone though? Is people growing clones such a common occurrence that no-one bats an eyelid? Are there clone schools throughout the galaxy to help them integrate into Federation life? Yet more questions..


At least we got to find out how many Bajorans you can fit in a lift.

2 thoughts on “Deep Space 9, S1E04: A Man Alone

  1. “Cake-hole” and Miles are such a weird couple. Do they have anything in common at all? I find it so hard to find anything positive to say about her, probably at least in part due to the fact that she’s ALWAYS written as complaining about something.

    Good point re Trek education. Is everyone home schooled?

  2. it’s weird isn’t it? the TNG episode where they are preparing to marry, yet seem to have never even eaten a meal together – horrified/disgusted by each other’s food preferences. Weird.

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