DS9 S1E5: Babel and E6: Captive Pursuit


Like the author of the brilliant Larp Trek, I always wish there were episodes where the universal translator was messed up, but there never is. Instead, it’s an engineered virus making everyone talk gibberish. It’s quite a simple and middling episode, the best bit probably the opening, which spends some time showing how over-worked and stressed Miles O’Grumpyface is, which is probably why he looks so moody all the time.

Sorry, I really have no idea why I can’t get rid of the subtitles

The thing that gets me: He’s not getting paid for this! Money doesn’t exist in the Federation! Poor bastard.

Anyway, Dr Bashir, until he gets sick, then a Bajoran doctor kidnapped by Major Shouty, save the day. Quark has some good lines in  this too.

OK I’ve mucked up the screencaps, let’s move on

S1 E06 – Captive Pursuit

A ship shows up from the other side of the wormhole, damaged, and O’Brien’s natural charm builds up a good rappor with the emotionless, cold blooded lizard. “You’re the most natural straight man  I’ve met in ages”. Presumably the last one was Data, but there is a lot of emotionless aliens in the galaxy who can’t take a joke.

Bros before flux capacitors

Tosk, the lizard, refuses to elaborate on anything, and is eventually caught by Odo (disguised as a hideous painting) trying to nick some weapons. he gets banged up, and still refuses to elaborate, so is held until someone comes looking for him.

Which they do! It’s some Doctor Who villains!

Turns out they were hunting Tosk for the lols, which is an honourable and noble thing to do in their culture. Fortunately, O’Brien works out that he can save Tosk by helping the hunt continue, which he does by removing his Starfleet Combadger (always a sign fun things are about to happen), punch out some baddies, have a chase through the station, fight some more, and get Tosk back to his ship with the biggest smile on his little face.

O’Brien happiest when telling authority to fuck off so he can go help the underdog.

Woo O’Brien, what a great couple of episodes to set down his character after years on the Enterprise staring glumly at a transporter control panel, wishing he were in transporter room 3.

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